New York City-based rock band, I Am The Avalanche is pleased to announce the premiere of their brand new album Wolverines, available for streaming from


Following the band’s acclaimed sophomore album, Avalanche United (2011), Wolverines encompasses ten songs fueled with relentless passion, ferocity, heart, and, of course, struggle.


Wolverines is available for pre-order on iTunes, with instant downloads of The Shape I’m In and Two Runaways for just $7.99.   The album can also be pre-orded via I Surrender, where exclusive limited edition vinyl and CD packages are being offered.




To the members of I Am The AvalancheVinnie Caruana (vocals), Brandon Swanson (guitar), Brett “The Ratt” Romnes (drums) and John Oliva (bass) – Wolverines is their most anthemic and cohesive full-length album to date and stands as a fitting body of work to the band’s natural progression.


Speaking about the new album, Caruana said: “I think it’s our most well thought-out and least rushed record.   Times spent at rock bottom and also feelings of personal triumph have shaped what I feel is the perfect record for us as a band and for our supporters as well.”


You can catch I Am The Avalanche on tour across the U.S now.