Hundred Visions are a Texan band consisting of four indie rockers. Three-quarters of the band have been playing together since they were teenagers: Ben Maddox (vocals and guitar), Wes Turner (bassist) and Johnny Kruger (guitar) all come from the wastelands of West Texas. Then when the trio moved to Austin, which is considered a haven for creative talent in Texas, they met Eric Loftis (drummer) and formed Hundred Visions in 2010.

Since then the band has released several 7 inches, their debut album Permanent Basement in 2012 and toured the US and Canada. This October will see the release of their second album Spite.

The introduction to Spite has a good, catchy sound and though there is nothing particularly wrong with it, it is reminiscent of many other bands and a little boring and unremarkable.

The garage rockers use a lot of distortion and buzzing at the beginning of this album, which overpowers the lead singer’s voice. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as many of the lyrics consist of ahhhhhs instead of words, like in ‘Our Ritual’.

However things begin to get better from track three onward as a heavier, grungier sound begins to become apparent and Hundred Visions’ own individual sound breaks through. Track four, ‘You’re Gonna Cut Me Loose’, is the bands first single from the new album and is certainly an example of the band’s more noteworthy songs.

It is a pleasant surprise when the songs keep getting better and better as the LP goes on. I kept thinking this is the best song on the album, just to realise the next song was even better.

In ‘Blood on the moon’ the lead singer’s Texas twang finally comes through. As the album develops it is suddenly easier to hear vocals over the thump of instruments, and with less distortion the well-written tunes are heard clearly showing the band has nothing to hide.

The upbeat, energetic and power pop tune ‘I’m inoculated’ was the highlight of the album for me. While some of the songs, like ‘Where Do You Want It’ and ‘Dig Your Own Tomb’, are so loud that they are ear blasting and it is easy to imagine crowds going crazy while Hundred Visions perform live.

The grand finale, ‘Idiot Snow’, is another highlight of this LP; the listener is dragged into the song from the start. It is fast, loud and bringing the album to a climax, finishing it on a high note.

Despite the initial let down of the first couple of tracks, by the end of this LP I definitely considered the album remarkable. Though the band’s lyrics are not the strongest or easiest to hear, that does not matter, because Hundred Visions is not exactly the kind of band that you sing along to, but definitely the kind of band you rock out to.

Hundred Visions second album Spite is out on October 28 on Pau Wau Records.