Out Of Time is the new album from Philadelphia punk-metal rockers Hound-The brainchild of Perry Shall. They represent a blend of classic sounds, all of which are reflected perfectly throughout the LP.

This one won’t leave you guessing, Out Of Time cuts to the chase in a very Motorhead-esque manner leaving little doubt as to what the group are all about. Opening track Affordable Hypnotist is a raw illustration of exactly that-Heavy guitar riffs, power chords, full-on drums and a soul shaking vocal.

But there is slightly more going on here than raw power alone. Scratch the surface, and discover familiar layers which will remind you of an array of generation spanning sounds.

Cold Sweat sums it all up rather well. The track smashes through your eardrums (oh and by the way, play it loud) with all the power, emotion, blood, sweat and tears of classic Black Sabbath, yet mixed with a far more subtle and melodic hint of early ’90’s Green Day. Quite a blend! And not one which is reserved for a smattering of the ten tracks, but dished out lavishley from start to end.

I Can’t Take It No More probably serves to highlight that Green Day-esque tone, vocally in particular. Having said all that, don’t be under any false illusions of what it is we’re dealing with here. Sabbath-heads, this one is for you! It’s raw, it’s powerful, it’s straight to the point and it won’t try to fool you into thinking it’s anything other than exactly what it is. It enters your head, does it’s job and then leaves, slamming the door behind it.

Out Of Time forms half of Hound’s double debut album, along with Out Of Space. It’s available from November 28th-Stay tuned for reminders.