Walking around in the rain without an umbrella, without a cause, without a care, just jumping from taxi to taxi, staring at black-sacks full to the brim with rubbish, coming off an acerbic hangover of chasing a Clementine ghost on a freezing cold night, melting inside a mind so wasted on wasteful things, while hundreds of sinners pass by with pockets full of money but who cast huge webs littered with sordid thoughts; are just a few things that rang through my deranged head while listening to the latest release by Brooklyn rockers Honduras. This quartet of apathy prophets have just released their third EP BREAK, which while listening to it, as you may have noticed above, causes nothing but imaginative thoughts and fanciful notions, while you mentally wander with cane in hand through the indifferently detached world of cool and carefree that Honduras have built with their music.

The EP BREAK is a seven minute madhouse of punk, Indie, pop, and concentrated noise, that combined together, make an attention-grabbing vibe of easy going yet punch you in face. Like everything else, parts of their music can be traced to this and that, but the music-child I’m currently engaging sounds something like if Placebo met Bloc Party and stayed out on a 72 hour bender in New York City.

BREAK contains three songs tilted ‘Illusion’, ‘The Program’ and ‘Mistake’, but while each are so different, running through them boundlessly is an air of New York Apathy and a hauntingly zealous theme that seems fitting as the soundtrack to Skid-row America. Though, while the music collectively sounds simplistic, the trained ear immediately focuses on the clever nuances and tenuousness of things like the shimmering chorus that saps both guitars on each track, or how they got the head-punching bass to appear so soothing and yet necessarily prominent. These are the slight and fine details of a band that cares about their presentation, and who convey a sincere and professional approach to how they want their music to be perceived. But with the fear of expatiating, I have to say, the opening track ‘Illusion’ is an absolute gem! . . . And pared with its video that you can find on YouTube, it causes you to do nothing but escape your own world for a couple of minutes, which to me is an absolute must, especially when trying to sift through the madness of this uncertain world.

And for that, I give them 7 Joan Burtons out of 10.

Honduras’ EP BREAK is out now on ITunes, check them out!