Happy Martyr are a multifarious and sometimes unlikely mix of Hip Hop, Rap, Rockabilly Folk and Punk. The power and aggression in Alex’s voice and delivery, coupled with Boz’s melodic and carefully crafted compositions are the true quality ingredients in the Happy Martyr recipe.

The Happy Martyr story began in December 2004, when Alex Lusty met Boz Boorer backstage at a Morrissey concert at London’s Earl Court. One thing led to another and they were soon recording together. The first incarnation of the band was ‘The OneThree’. They released the album ‘Life Goes On’ on black records in late 2005. The collective transformed into Happy Martyr and the critically acclaimed album ‘One Square Mile’ was released in January 2012.

The album bore the singles ‘Painkillers,’ ‘Sleep Tight’ and the Limited Edition vinyl release, ‘This Small Town,’ which came with a signed postcard and two new songs on the B-Side. The Happy Martyr sound has also been described as as ‘urban folk’ or an ‘MC fronting early Tyrannosaurus Rex’, the duo’s music is a raw sounding, honest, stripped down acoustic rap crossover. Boz Boorer and Alex Lusty have long and respected careers in their own right as recording artists.

Boz, best known in recent times for his ‘Musical Director’ role in Morrissey’s band has recorded and worked on many solo projects as well as with well respected artists such as Polecats, Edwin Collins, Adam Ant and Kirsty MacColl. Alex Lusty, similarly has a well documented solo career (recently releasing the albums Public Mental Breakdown and Meet Uncle Splash) as well as involvement in a broad spectrum of bands, ranging from Acarine to Frigid Vinegar to Who Shot Who? Happy Martyr have also taken their live show to the four corners of the UK.

Shows in Manchester, Derby, London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Dundee, Edinburgh and Dublin also, brought their unique sound to a new audience who have all fallen in love with Boz’s suitcase kick drum and the warble of Alex’s Kaossilator. In between Live shows and other projects, Happy Martyr have somehow managed to record the follow up to ‘One Square Mile.’ The eagerly awaited new album ‘Nothing Like Love’ is a more Avant-garde sound and a slight departure from the Happy Martyr norm (if such a thing exists). The new collection of 13 songs will also bear the original version last single ‘Empty Handed’ and the track used for video to promote the album ‘All lies lead to the truth’ in its midst.