Gardens & Villa have just released the brand new video for “Colony Glen,” the latest single from their new album Dunes, out now on Secretly Canadian.

Over the past three years, the Santa Barbarian comrades that make up Gardens & Villa went from playing local bills to being veterans of the road. After releasing their self-titled debut on Secretly Canadian in 2011, they pushed their van’s odometer into the six-digit range, zigzagging North America and Europe with over 350 shows in just 2 years. Gardens & Villa emerged a wiser, crystallized version of themselves.

Those experiences planted the seeds for the band’s new batch of cohesive, personal, and beautifully layered pop songs — homegrown in the confines of the band’s beachside practice space.

Gardens & Villa are now once again touring the globe until May, giving the world a chance to experience Colony Glen live.  Stereogum describes the new single, saying, “The band is completely washed out in glowing lights that match the bleary synth hooks the track is bathed in.”

Pitchfork describes the video for Colony Glen as a “peculiar hybrid of 1960s and 80s sensibilities.” The video was directed by Hans Lo, who also created the album artwork. This explains the psychedelic, dreamy edge the video has to it, perfectly complementing the whimsical video.