California native Frank Lenz returns this August with new track Summer’s Coming Soon.

The track, a collaboration with former bandmate Richard Swift, was previously thought lost until it was recently stumbled upon prior to being primed for its mid-summer release.

Lenz has been there and done it all before. Musical influence seems to come easy as the he takes inspiration not only from the sounds on which he was raised, but also the abundance of diversity emanating from the personal experiences which have shaped his own career-the result is a resounding blend of styles ranging from the pop-like hints of Burt Bacharach to the industrial and heavy overtones of power rock such as Steely Dan.

A drummer by trade, Lenz reveals his penchant for percussion as the track unfolds. The brash intro drops to a dream-like beat entwined with a vocal which perfectly encapsulates that hazy feeling of lazy summer days shared with friends.

Swirling synth tones layered over a beautifully tinny percussion with a beat ranging from the lazy to the almost regimental, the track flows to become what may be described as a state of mind, merging to explore summary images such as sidewalk musicians and field trip excursions. The chemistry is born through a simplicity which is often overlooked yet remains wonderfully descriptive, just as nature intended.

Summer’s Coming Soon is brimming with the sunshine of his native California, and with more offerings from Lenz on the horizon will serve as a timely teaser as to what may follow.

Stay tuned for more releases from Frank Lenz, in the meantime the bright and colourful Summer’s Coming Soon is available from August 19th via Velvet Blue Music.