Australian duo Falls have been making waves across the Atlantic.

After touring with the likes of The Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men and Passenger to name but a few, they released debut EP Into The Fire last February amid critical acclaim in the US, and it’s been receiving rave reviews since.

The story of Melinda Kirwin and Simon Rudston-Brown is a fascinating one. To put it simply and in their own words: They met, they fell in love, they fought, they broke up.

But more importantly for the rest of us, they continue to enjoy a very harmonious musical relationship, and have encapsulated beautifully their own very personal journey within this soulful and entirely relatable EP.

Every individual track seems to epitomise a different aspect of their own unique trials and tribulations, and conveys the emotion of the moment in brilliant harmony.

Opening track Please sets the tone for the entire record with that beautiful classic American, soulful sound. It’s one of those dreamy, soft guitar based songs and is delivered perfectly by the stunningly harmonic voices of Kirwin and Rudston-Brown. You just can’t help but relax into it before it fades and ends with the same tone with which it starts.

Girl That I Love is a very personal and meaningful reflection. It’s slightly more upbeat, yet not enough to create an out-of-place contrast. Again it’s that wonderful guitar led classic American sound, with the duo’s individual soft voices combining beautifully once again to create that rich, harmonic blend. The song is built on soft, relatable lyrics and describes every trial, tribulation and rollercoaster emotion of a tempestuous relationship, and opens the door beautifully for the following track…

Home is a descriptive recollection of feelings, and you’ll get the impression that it’s written from ‘his’ point of view. Driving in search of escape but with the knowledge that the issues from which you run will be waiting when you return, the track evolves into an upbeat, foot-tapping mix of style and harmony and leads us perfectly to Hollywood..

This track offers an immediate and fitting drop in tempo and represents a sound that seems to reflect a certain sorrow, perhaps even regret. Although the beat intensifies, the tone manages to remain the same, creating a feeling of beautiful reflection.

Title track Into The Fire is without doubt the stand out contribution here. Melinda takes lead vocal and describes beautifully that moment of stark realisation when a complicated relationship has reached breaking point. The vocal is perfect in tone and jam-packed with an important emotion. The song grows in strength as it progresses, as though to symbolise the growing strength of the subject as she explores and comes to terms with this realisation.

The entire EP charts the journey of the one-time couple and offers an intimate insight into a very personal rollercoaster ride that will seem very relevant to many. Every track is perfect in length and delivery making it clear to see why Falls have been generating compliments, becoming an act that, following a hugely successful appearance at this year’s SxSW, can stand out on their own.