Drunk Gods is a bedroom punk solo album by Ewan McGhee . Ewan has fronted several bands over the years (Tribe Of Benn and Gobstopper to name two) both as drummer/singer and guitarist/singer.

A couple of years ago, there was very little music around that he found exciting and provocative, that wouldn’t sit obediently on the state radio playlist of any repressive regime or military dictatorship. It all seemed to have been dreamt up by disembodied brains floating limply in fish tanks.

This made him want to start a fire!!

So residing in his spare room for a few years he wrote and recorded 10 songs about sex, death, TV, growing old, soul-less wage slavery, suicide, greed, apathy, infidelity and how people make his head hurt.

Probably what the popular media would call a ‘loner’ Ewan McGhee was raised Catholic in the shadow of the local slaughterhouse in a dying post-industrial small town in Scotland, so things were only ever going to end badly.

Drunk Gods is dark and visceral. It bucks and kicks like a snared and dying animal, and the stories behind the lyrics drive it forward as much as the urgency of the guitar and drums. It has its roots in punk and post-punk rock but contains 10 eclectic songs which wouldn’t look out of place on the same bill as Sonic Youth, Nick Cave, Nirvana, Joy Division, Pixies and The Godfathers.

Track Listing:

1.   Whats Ma Motivation

2.   Turn Up The Laughter Track

3.   Fuck Buddy (The Heart is Just a Muscle)

4.   Wage Slave

5.   People Make Ma Head Hurt

6.   Repossession

7.   Consumption

8.   The Surfer

9.   Kill Me

10.  Dirty Money



Drunk Gods was released in early August 2014 and is available on Itunes and Amazon.



Contact: Drunkgods@outlook.com