Chicago based band ‘Empires’ have taken the world of rock for a spin, in a good way. They have transcended into a foray of Rock pop and dance rock with stunning success to deliver music that is in tune with times and frankly remarkable. Empires resurfaced after almost 2 years with their new album, it’s only a matter of time before they take the world by storm.

Music that has the power to send chills down your spine. Empires have outdone their previous records and made an unequivocally sensational album with the new LP Orphan. The sound is crisp but sensitive, set in fantasy world but grounded. Songs exploring themes which are deep felt with lyrics that are nothing short of soulful. With their previous album Garage Hymns, mainly a rock album they have reversed the dynamic with this soulful version of bliss inducing music.

Sean Van Vleet’s love for contemporary style comes out in his voice with his evocative voice and lyrics which come from a special place in the heart. ‘How good does it feel?’ …very, just ‘Please don’t ever tell my lover’. The crowning glory of their album, these two uplifting songs with lyrics that resonate a positive, optimistic outlook on, what one can phrase as, the experienced darker facets of life. In the world of their music, there is a beauty in the night and it shines at fleeting moments brighter than day. The guitar strings pluck vibrantly in ‘Shadowfaux’ and we can’t help but feel every beat, vibe and rhythm with this song. ‘Honeyblood’ has seductive feel from the very start and is reminiscent of the Killers in its sound, empowering and releasing the song is an album essential.

All in all,Empires have astounded us with their vocal and instrumental diversity to bring about a stellar combination of both in each and every song. This music comes from the soul and upon hearing it touches on the very same strings, recreating a rare and fleeting feeling in a mesmerising style. The album has a story behind it for those willing to listen. Empires have inspired us and will inspire many more who are privy to their music. They are on the way to further glory and this album serves to fortify their place in the pop rock scene.