The written word is a diabolical act to immerse yourself in. It’s even harder to be veritable and vociferous when the role of the day is creation. But when you get the chance to combine the unholy written word with the vehemence of music, the struggle for accuracy just rolls off like submissive chains from a feeble body. An air of enchantment and positivity suddenly takes control of the wheel. But not so enchanting as having the fortune of pressing play on the brand new EP Light it up by London pop-rockers Eliza and the bear. This charming British quintet released their uplifting EP at the tail end of summer, and thanks to a previously acquired cult following ‒ resulting from being a support act to mega band Paramore, not to mention a string of backing from radio personalities like Fearne Cotton and Zane Lowe, along with having one of their songs selected for a Bulmers’ summer advertisement ‒ the new EP Light it up has been warmly received by their ever-growing fans.

This hearty collection of songs elicits nothing but positivity and happy vibes. Starting with the EP’s title track Light it up; this particular song brings nothing but a lively and effervescent mood to your ears. It ticks all the right boxes as far as summer anthems go. With its subtle orchestral additions and beautiful underlying guitar delays, encompassed by emphatic drums and catchy vocal hooks all throughout the song, this track will leave you singing its chorus all day. The arrangement then slows for a moment as the second track Talk eases into life and immediately kicks in with a head-bopping beat and beautiful vocals. With is backbeat-like piano, this song resonates as one of the great Indy songs of the year. I thoroughly enjoyed that one. Infamously in third is the track Let us be young. I say ‘infamously’ because this song wasn’t included in the press-pack or on their Sound-Cloud and was a torrid pain trying to find. But it did not disappoint.

It’s only available on ITunes and is completely worth the purchase. But as I said, it was such a reward finally getting my ears into this one. With its fantastic full-band performance and alluringly hypnotic intro harmonies, it really makes you want to put an arm around a friend and jump like you’re at a gig. The song is lined with salient drum fills and melodic guitar riffs and once again confirms to my ears that this band really has something to give; and consistently too. The final track from Eliza And The Bear’s Light it up EP is the acoustic version of It gets cold. This track is not like your typical acoustic renditions, but a pure piano acoustic. It gets cold really builds in tranquillity as it progresses throughout its sections, and lightly increases in instrumental additions as it eases towards the chorus; which happens to be one of the sweetest choruses you’re going to hear from any band, and really allows a marvellous vocal performance to be enjoyed.

Eliza And The Bear are currently on a massive UK tour and will wrap up late in October, but not before having the monumental opportunity of play the Islington’s O2 academy on October 16th.