Although only in his early 20s, Eaves’ deep lyrics and beautiful vocals give the impression that he is much older. The singer/songwriter from Leeds introduced us to his song writing talents earlier this month with the release of his three-track EP, As Old As The Grave.

The title track features Eaves along with acoustic guitar, percussion and harmonies to create a haunting sound. A sense of hopelessness is strong throughout this song: “Father, you’re drunk, easy now. Only the bottle sees your best and worst. Mother, an ocean is raining now; still your garden dies from thirst.” However it is not depressing, but rather gentle and heartfelt. Although this song never quite culminates, it is easy to recognise Eaves’ talent after this introduction. ‘As Old As The Grave’ was produced in London by Cam Blackwood who has worked with the likes of George Ezra and London Grammar.



The EP’s second track ‘Timber’ simply features Eaves singing and playing piano. This track has a different sound, but is also calming and soft. While the third and final track, ‘Alone In My Mind (For Mannington Bowes)’, features Eaves and his acoustic guitar. These bare tracks allow his voice and his lyrics to be put under scrutiny, but it is difficult to find flaws. They aren’t catchy and, again, they do not culminate the way most songs do, but they are well-crafted and delicate.

It is rare to come across an artist that is inspired by the mundane lives of the working class, but they clearly influenced this EP. According to Eaves ‘As Old As The Grave’ was inspired by working class routines. “I grew up in a town where it’s pretty easy to fall into the pace of the place. A lot of hard working people finish their day with drink and lose some ambition in the process… I find myself trying to avoid the same trappings,” he said.

Many will relate to his thoughtful lyrics, but because of his inspiration, along with his music’s relaxing sound, Eaves will probably appeal largely to an older audience. There is no disputing Eaves’ talent. This is a beautiful EP and it will be interesting to see if Eaves can work his magic with a band behind him. It is clear he has a future in music and will escape the trappings of working class routine.

As Old As The Grave is available on SoundCloud and Spotify.