Daylight Robbery


Having already trounced the competition in their hometown of Birmingham and trained audience ears to their sound with successful appearances at Hard Rock Hell and Sonisphere Daylight Robbery have earned their invitation to be treading the same stage-boards as TESLA and Uriah Heep with their phenomenal and critically acclaimed debut release Cross Your Heart.

Now back from their tour-DE-force of fantastic DR are looking set to repeat the impact upon the masses previously made with ten tracks of terrific heavy melodic rock with current release Falling Back To Earth.

From the moment Enter The Arena starts the speaker grill rattling the hairs on the back of the neck start to stand, a glorious gladiatorial introduction announcing the grand entrance of something special, enticing the imagination and enchanting the ears with a wonderful cleansing of the Happy Gland’s palette.

The first chords of Scream Out Loud justify such a grandiose beginning, the initial fanfare revealing a charge to the fore of instant intensity; adrenalin pumps and brings fists pumping to the air in unification, the rush of excitement intoxicating and undeniable and incredibly huge sounding.

Sweat forming on brow and the charge continues apace, battering down the defenses and grabbing the heart-strings tight with the solo-intro singing of lone guitar on I’ll Be Seeing You, a gripping tale told proud and true and showcasing the uncompromising range vocalist Tony Nicholls has under his command. Pitch perfect and impactive to boot it’s a stunning display of what a true vocalist can deliver is this day and age of auto-tune and mixing-desk magic.

Breaking the momentum for a shallower pace Samarah Never Sleeps invokes the melancholic thoughts of a pianos chord, another chance for Tony’s vocals to shine as the subtleties of ivory give way to the guitar, controlling the rhythm whilst standing apart from the sound, underlining and expanding on the song like the fine details on a masterpiece painting.

Fallen Star expands upon the catalog of classic-collection-in-the-making with an even grander expanse of sound to deport your delighted senses upon, a ride through the rich and vivid that carries you along and through into Paradise Is Lost’s imparting cries, Redlights awesomely empowering riffs, and breathlessly past Hungry Years and Between The Lines, both a reason to have two number one positions in the playlist, for sure.


Arriving at the album’s end to an encompassing choral encouragement Running Out Of Time saves the bands true expertise at their craft for the final track, more a Hollywood Classic than mere musical musing.

Invoking a sense of majesty with music it’s a masterpiece in music and master class for musicians. Incredibly rich and full of such incidental detail as a cymbal ‘here’ or guitar note held ‘just that bit longer’ it brings intricacy and intimacy with broad strokes of sound, no resistance possible to its calling to the fore of all ears it reveals itself upon.

Ten tracks of stunning sound and sonic authority held firmly in the grasp of true craftsmen of music, Falling Back To Earth is a chance to experience Daylight Robbery revealing what makes music truly essential in life.

4 /5 Stars

A sample of the tracks on the new album from DAYLIGHT ROBBERY;




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