Painted Zeros are based in Brooklyn, New York. Who are they? Well they’re made up of three young artists. Katie Lau is at the forefront of Painted Zeros as the lead vocalist and song writer. Jared Kaner plays drums alongside bassist Nolan Eley. You could compare them to new age music specifically along the lines of indie rock or pop/punk.


What makes Painted Zeros appealing is their easily relatable song lyrics and titles. At the moment there is not all that much songs to go on but what they have produced so far really portrays the social scene of Brooklyn, New York. Not just Brooklyn, their music portrays the social scene of people in their early to late twenties worldwide. Too drunk you say? “Too Drunk” is included in Painted Zeros up and coming EP called Svalbard. As you can guess, “Too Drunk” is about having that one drink too many and regretting it the day afterwards. Lau’s clear and distinct vocals mix well with the drums and bass.


Their Debut EP Svalbard is set to be released on July 15th, 2014. My favorite song so far off the EP is the hit new single “Jamie”. Jamie, as in the name, plays over and over in your head hours after listening. The song is evidently about someone who the lead singer is hung up on. Who is this Jamie? That’s the million dollar question.


Painted Zeros strike me as the perfect band for headbanging at gigs. With their easily relatable lyrics and being catchy in all the right places all you want to do is get up and go. I confess I may have started tapping my feet and started moving around while listening. Uh oh, did I just write that?

If you wish to visit the bands profile page you can visit it here where they have samples of their music up You can also like them on facebook by accessing


Rock on Dublin!
By Nick Fitzgerald