Danglo is quite different to previous artists I’ve written about. Well, Careful would be a little bit similiar. Danglo is just the one producer. An East Londoner by the name of… Actually there is no name on the web for this fellow. Could Danglo be his actual name? Either that or I’ll have to dig deeper.

Danglo is releasing his “Spotlight” EP via kitsune on July 28th. Kitsuné is a French electronic music label and fashion label. Kitsuné means fox in Japanese for anyone who doesn’t know. Your fact for the day. Gildas Loaec from Brittany, France and Masaya Kuroki from Tokyo, Japan are the founders of Kitsuné along with Abake, a London based company. Kitsuné have signed artists including HeartsRevolution and Two Door Cinema Club.

Masaya Kuroki and Gildas Loaec

(Masaya Kuroki on the left and Gildas Loaec on the right)

Danglo’s “Spotlight” EP comprises of five songs; Spotlight (feat. Ivan Franco), Drifter (feat. Liisi Koikson), Forget You, Drifter (The Golden Boy remix) and Spotlight (DE$iGNATED remix). There is a great summer feel to this new EP.

The opening track “Spotlight” releases a cool wave of sound. Vocals are smooth and beats are electric. Like most dance songs it starts off slow and picks up rapidly. At around 0:52 rhythm and beats increase in speed. The climax of “Spotlight” ends at approximately 2:48 when the background music dimms and becomes lighter.

The remix to “Spotlight” captures the club scene. While listening you can quite vividly imagine being surrounded by a swarm of people amongst strobe lights in a stadium.

“Drifter” feat. Lisi koikson is the only disconcerting melody on the album. The tunes are simplistic but catchy. It seems a universal factor with almost every album by an artist to have one song more ominous than the rest.

“Forget You” is another classic club themed tune. With female vocals and colourful beats it’s just another song you could easily dance to.

Finally, “Drifter” remixed by Golden boy keeps in line with the overall theme. Altering an ominous sound, Golden Boy remixes the track stimulating us in a way “Drifter” ,the original, does not.

The overall theme of Danglo’s “Spotlight” is club based. Some fantastic beats and synth exist in “Spotlight” with the overall effect being ultimately captivating. It’s simply the perfect album for long, hot summer days.

As Danglo’s “Spotlight” EP is not officially released yet I will leave you with this sample instead.

By Nick Fitzgerald.