Dana Buoy recently released his highly anticipated follow-on from 2012’s Summer Bodies.

 Currently receiving rave reviews as Buoy embarks on a month long tour of the US with Sylvan Esso, Preacher is a welcome continuation of his trademark summary sound and subtle synth-led upbeat pop.

A key member of Akron/Family, Buoy made a fateful move into the unknown when he upped- sticks and moved from his native Brooklyn to head for the west coast in 2010. Inspired by his new surroundings, Preacher is born from that very personal transition and fuelled by severing old ties, moving on and most importantly, new beginnings.

Title track Preacher embodies what the EP is all about. Summary, bright pop entwined with subtle synth based beats. Its droning intro threatens the anthemic before the track reaches its plateau and powerfully meanders through your senses. It’s a ball of energy which drops in tempo midway to allow hushed, swirling vocal tones to provide a melodic interlude before rediscovering its previous energetic path.

Isla Mujeres provides a hint of contrast through its intro-an opening gambit which is curiously captivating. The track quickly unfolds, evolving into that familiar funky pop sound, electro-like beat and summary vocal. It paves the way for the wonderful head bop inducing It’s Alright-another uptempo offering which falls firmly into the ‘feel good’ category.

Indeed, the entire EP can be filed under that ‘feel good’ category, it is without doubt just where it belongs.

If Summer Bodies signified Buoy’s arrival as a soloist, then Preacher serves to highlight the transition of the young singer/songwriter with the hindsight of two additional years life experience under his belt. An added depth providing an extra dimension.

Transition may well be the key word where Dana Buoy is concerned. A life journey and musical evolution which will leave us waiting for the next chapter.

Preacher is available now via Middle West.