Oliver Hugh Perry or as he is better known D. D Dumbo has released his much anticipated self titled EP. As a record it flows seamlessly flow from genre to genre, style to style without losing focus or direction. From a cover of Roy Orbison’s classic “Crying” to a Native American inspired folk tune entitled Alihuwke. The tracks are fuelled by pounding drums and haunting backing vocals, which breathe life into each and every track. It is a testament to Perry that it sounds like it could be a group of people, with each part having real significance instead of merely having loops in the background.

The opening track “Tropical Oceans” feels like a lucid dream as Perry paints a picture of people flocking to the ocean.“ My eyes blew out I could finally see, warm, magical tropical oceans, organs of people circle the sea, I fell back to perpetual motion”. The songs infectious guitar melodies beautifully compliment the vocal. “I Woke Up Covered in Sand” the second track, starts as a chilled acoustic ballad, but breaks into a section with an indie style riff accompanied by groovy drums and eerie backing vocals.

Dinghy” is easily the most hard-hitting track on the album, but its glitchy and distorted melody fail to capture the same magic that some of the other tracks possess . The cover of an Orbison classic “Crying” showcases just how versatile he really is. It also highlights his vocal ability and is the most poignant moment on the EP. The final track “Alihuwke” blends looped drums with his distinct guitar sound. Here Perry talks about  blood lines and our immediate connections with the smart and quirky line “Your blood is a million leaves , and your heart a thousand others, seven dwarfs discard the moon, and everyone is your distant brother”. The track fades out with an aggressive and distorted guitar as Perry howls in the background.

Ultimately, this EP delivers where it should giving us a taste of what is to come but making us want even more.  Overall D. D Dumbo has crafted an impressive sound scape that makes repeat listening even more rewarding.