Indie rock band from Staten Island, New York. Founded by in 2007 by High School mates Joseph D’Agostino and Matthew Miller.  In 2009, the band faced some difficulties, as they lost two band members due to illness and dislike to touring. The members were replaced by Brian Hamiliton and Matthew Whipple. The band has gone from strength to strength since. In 2011 CEG signed with Barsuk Records, they then produced a second album. And CEG have just announced that they will be releasing a third album due out August 24th. Their third album LOSE is about grief and coping with lose. D’Agostino impresses the listener with this personal issue of the loss of a dear friend seven years ago. The album just doesn’t cover grief, it gives the listener hope. The longing that music can change lives. One song can change everything, it feels like a metaphor and how music has changed all the lives of the members of CEG and how their music can change yours. Really looking forward to hearing more from these guys and that they come to Ireland soon!