Comet Control is the new band from Andrew Moszynski (guitar) and Chad Ross (vocals/guitar), formerly of Canadian psych rock band Quest for Fire. The musicians were joined by Nicole Howell (bass),  Jay Anderson (drums) and Christopher Sandes (keys) to create Comet Control. The group’s eight song self-titled debut will drop on May 20th with Tee Pee Records.

Comet Control extends the dark, bass-driven washes of sound that Quest for Fire produced and brings the mood up with bursts of post-rock guitars and bright, breezy vocals.  
“After Quest for Fire broke up, Andrew and I still had a lot of songs in the works,” commented Ross. “We are very excited about how things turned out. Everything clicked really fast with the new band, and the songs have taken a step in a fresh, new direction.”


The album exceeds expectations, providing a unique sound different to that of today’s dark psych scene. The songs are both sunny and heavy, with dreamy choruses and catchy riffs. PITCHFORK described the album as “strobe-lit psych-punk stomp… less stoner rock than stoned rock, marked by a patient pace and a foggy-headed whimsy that lingers even as the VU levels surge into the red.


 Even the album artwork is special, designed by far-out artist Signalstarr. Known for his work for the 20th Century Fox film “Prometheus,” the futuristic cover art adds to the potent push of the record’s searing scope.


Listen to the demo of ‘Blast Magic’ here.