Colourmusic formed in Oklahoma in 2005 with Ryan Hendrix and UK-born Nick Turner, some years after bonding over a shared appreciation of Aphex Twin during their University days together. The band then expanded to include bassist Colin Fleishacker and drummer Nicholas Ley.

The group have gained a reputation for their experimental rock tracks, which extend from writing songs based on Isaac Newton’s theory of colour to ditties written at the tempo that people have . . . ahem . . . ‘intimate relations’.

They return with darker new album May You MColourmusic_MayYouMarryRich.145906arry Rich. Its twelve tracks explore the theme of human happiness and the “theory that we’re not wired to have contentment as our genetic disposition.”

Soul mates, marriage and Wal-Mart are all up for scrutiny.

Influences and references on the record include Federico Fellini, Iggy Pop and Ronald Reagan.

Yes, Ronald Reagan.

The former Pres lends the title of a tome of his to the track Rendezvous With Destiny.