Australian duo Client Liaison have recently released their debut self titled EP. Harvey Miller and Monte Morgan found a shared love in storytelling and in their Australian identity, and began writing together. They spent last year touring worldwide with Flight Facilities and have just begun to play in the US.

Their website and their logo says a lot about what to expect from them musically, and they self-identify as “international in flavour, cosmopolitan in style.” This is fully devoted 80s dance-pop.


The first track on the EP begins with a meditation-style spoken word, but that’s about as experimental as their music gets. End of the Earth, along with each of the following tracks, would fit snugly on the soundtrack of an 80s action movie. There is a flavour of Talking Heads about their sound, with an influence of more present-day pop vocals. The incredibly catchy chorus begins a theme that continues throughout the rest of the tracks.

Feed the Rhythm, the second track, brings influences from 90s female synth pop, on top of the already solid 80s base. It also has reminders of early noughties disco-house, and I’m probably not the first to be blushingly reminded of Eric Prydz at a couple of moments. Still, the music feels original, despite the many obvious influences and emulations.

This is music to really beat the January blues, even throwing in a rap bridge and a sax solo.

The third track, Queen, is eerily reminiscent of one Mr. Michael Jackson at the outset. It wouldn’t go amiss at the end of an 80s rom com, while a helicopter shot moves out of the New York skyline. Queen introduces a softer side of Client Liaison, more of a pop ballad feel with inspirational lyrics about embracing life– “to be beyond a human being.”

We’re lifted back to more superficial lyrics after this deeper moment, with Groove the Physical. This is a typical disco hit with Prince-like lyrics.

The penultimate track, Feeling, begins as a full ballad, stripped back to intense vocals and lyrics– “lonely light you shine so lyrically…”, but a beat drops back in time for the chorus, which celebrates human emotions, complex and simple.

The final track rounds off the EP on a strong note, with their signature style, quippy rhythms and fun lyrics. Pretty Lovers is likely to find itself in my getting-ready playlist for the next girl’s night out, and I’ll be looking forward to the future of Client Liaison.


Client Liaison EP is out now.