CHAMPS are Michael and David Champion, brothers from the sleepy, historic and atmospheric village of Niton, near Ventnor on The Isle of Wight.

Both formally with different groups, the brothers have been performing together for the past few years and have recently released the double A-sided single Spirit is Broken/St. Peter’s from their debut album Down Like Gold. 

The pair have been described as a melancholic, alt-rock outfit, and it’s blindingly clear to see why. Complimenting each other beautifully, CHAMPS have developed a mesmerizing vocal harmony which lends itself superbly to a range which is diverse to say the least.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Flaming Lips, Arcade Fire and early REM to name but a small few, you may also detect a hint of very early Bee Gees in the way their voices intwine before fanning out-highlighted beautifully on the haunting St. Peter’s. 

The track opens with the beautifully simplistic acoustic guitar sound, drifting and immersing-but this track is all about the vocal.

Packed with poetic verse, as is any offering from this band, but beautifully dispersed with that vintage layered harmony, the vocal is dreamy and swirling in its delivery. This is what you may describe as sentimental folk pop at its very best.

Spirit is Broken remains just as poetically somber, yet manages to carry a far more upbeat persona, and this is where that early REM influence is at its most prominent in terms of tempo, tone and even (but to a lesser extent) vocally.

And as you may expect from a folk-pop outfit, both tracks have festival written all over them, and as you may imagine, the brothers are no strangers to the festival scene which is in full flow. You can catch Champs at the following events:

July 18th-Rhythm Tree Festival (UK)

July 26th-Secret Garden Party (Huntingdon UK)

August 1st-Kendal Calling (Cumbria UK)

August 9th-Haldern Pop Fest (Haldern Germany)

August 17th-Ventnor Fringe (Ventnor UK)

August 29th-Bingley Live (Bingley UK)