Woah. I was tempted to end this review with that single word. It pretty much sums up this album when you first hear it. “You’re not in hell, you’re in Purgatory my friend” is the third release from Leeds based noise rockers Castrovalva and it takes you on a journey through the downright weird.

Not that the weird is necessarily a bad thing. The album consists of ten short, sharp blasts of unexpected noise that combines musical genres that you thought you’d never hear put together. Songs like “Donut” start out calm and bassy and quickly escalate too loud and proud, then right in the middle out comes the dubstep with a hip-hop twist. Somehow this band makes it all work together.

The album has touches of DFA 1979, System of the Down, the Mars Volta and basically every heavy band that has experimented with a spectrum of musical influences. Pinning Castrovalva down to one genre is as impossible as it gets, but everything about the album works and through all the chaos it all makes perfect sense when played through. Love them or loathe them, you could never call this band boring and that can only be a good thing right?