Careful “The World Doesn’t End” LP

It is hard to believe that “Careful” is only one man. Eric Lindley is the voice and creator that is “Careful”. The 31 year old Californian applies music theory in a way we’ve never experienced before. Adopting “Careful” as a pseudonym , Lindley set out to apply his own twist on the music industry.

There are so many words to describe “The World Doesn’t End”. Extremely thought provoking, the album paints a man’s depth of perception of his world. The creativity of it all is truly amazing. Electronic elements and continuous beats merge with Lindley’s vocals to create an awe inspiring world of diversity.

The meaning behind “The World Doesn’t End” is our mortality. Everything on the face of the Earth will eventually end. A sad fact we all think about but rarely discuss. The meaning is deep. In a way by listening to “The World Doesn’t End” our thoughts connect as one.

The female vocals we hear throughout the LP are meant to symbolise a desolate relationship between a man and woman. The female vocals are not female at all but Lindley himself. Vocals are electronically altered to create a duet effect. Man and woman singing in tune alongside each other. This may very well be an attempt at understanding the bleakness of the situation. Most of us will be able to relate.

Although “The World Doesn’t End” isn’t necessarily the happiest of albums one has to appreciate the sheer mastery behind production. Upon listening we are transported to a state of depersonalisation. For subtle moments we look at our lives through someone else’s eyes. Objectively our thought process is triggered to reflect on times of self doubt and complexities.

It is quite evident from listening that this is someone who really knows his theory behind music. Production methods are carefully crafted to provoke a sense of awareness within us. Eric Lindley has acquired degrees in both Physics and Music. “The World Doesn’t End” is his fourth studio album to be released. Every track was recorded in a small studio in Lindley’s apartment in Brooklyn, NY.

You can follow Careful on twitter or like Lindley’s page on facebook. If you wish to download “The World Doesn’t End” LP you can by visiting circleintosquare.

“Intimate, quirky songs with layered vocals that flow over warm acoustic guitar. Lindley colors his soft harmonies and restrained writing style with carefully placed electronics”- NPR.

Here is a sneak preview of what’s to come:

An interview with Eric Lindley will be coming soon.

By Nick Fitzgerald.