Broncho or BRONCHO are a band from Norman, Oklahoma. Their endearingly titled album Just Enough Hip To Be A Woman was released in December of 2014. Just Enough Hip.. is a short and snappy indie rock affair that clocks in at thirty-two minutes. The band have been noted to have new wave influences such as Cheap Trick. Just like Cheap Trick, BRONCHO have also ulitilised chirpy vocal stylings to create infectious pop hook.

A similar effect is found from the beginning of BRONCO’s album with the tracks What and Class Historian. BRONCHO have mastered formulaic hook driven indie rock. The riffs in What evoke an exceptionally retro style that almost gives it a Kinks style to it. Class Historian is an undeniably infectious track. The do-do-do hook is delivered in an infectious falsetto that makes the track immediately stick in your head. In my opinion, this song is their album’s calling card. Class Historian is the song I will think of when I encounter BRONCO again. It spent a month being played on BBC Radio 6.

The album evokes it’s new influences as well being reminiscent of classic garage rock. By all accounts, this is a pure old fashioned rock record. The production on the album reminds me of contemporaries Tame Impala as well as it’s vintage ancestors. It’s essentially a cool record. The album has much commercial appeal with it’s short snappy hook driven indie rock stylings and echoing vocals. Just Enough Hip To Be A Woman is carried by it’s hooks. One concerning factor drives me to wonder if this is enough. It’s a perfectly enjoyable record yet I find the formula some what runs out of steam by the end of the album. The lyrical content is lost behind some sleek vocal production. Each songs rushes to it’s hook driven chorus.

There is some incredible guitar work in a lot of the tracks including NC-17 which I feel may be one of the musical highlights of the album. The snotty and sludgy Taj Mahal is another track I was drawn to. Despite the few criticisms, it is easy to enjoy this album. The record exudes an infectious enthusiasm that is hard to hate. The guitar riffs, such as in the song It’s On are just as infectious as the vocals in the opening tracks. The ending track China is a gorgeous new wave/rock affair. This track is another highlight and worth checking out. Whether, the album has enough variety and staying power, I’m not sure. Just Enough Hip To Be A Woman is well worth checking out as an indie record that manages to retain a bit of old fashioned rock and roll zeal.