Boston Calling is swiftly becoming one of America’s premier music festivals and it’s a startling thing to behold considering that the festival is still quite young. This was the third ever weekend on the festival, a weekend that featured stellar performances and sold out crowds across the board.

Stand out performances came in the form of Brits, Americans, and everything in between. Maximo Park played their first ever US festival and showcased their new album, Too Much Information in their distinctive exuberance that got the crowd going. Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls showed once again why when it comes to festivals they shall always rein supreme.

New York based band Brand New unleashed a brutally honest set that caused the crowd to erupt with sheer intensity. It was clear to everyone (especially the security guards) that the band meant business and that the crowd only cared to supplement that aggression.

Headliners came in the form of Jack Johnson, Modest Mouse, and Death Cab For Cutie. Each one of those headliners proved why they were perfect to cap off their days, and all for greatly different reasons. Johnson caused the crowd to sing along throughout two whole hours, while Death Cab For Cutie made sure that all the attention was transfixed on them. Modest Mouse’s set was much more aggressive then anyone expected but still immensely intricate and immersive. All in all, it was a brilliant weekend in Boston.