Oakland quartet Blisses B release their third full length LP on September 30th. Sea Level Astronomy is an 11 track collection, three years in the making.

A warming blend of folk rock, the album explores the kind of terrain which, with a certain amount of creativity, can sustain the kind of non-specific genre the diverse may call home. Let me explain….

Tenné is one of those tracks of which we become instantly familiar. It’s wonderfully welcoming.

The track itself is busy and upbeat with a distinct sprinkling of fun dusted on top for good measure. Melodically it’s a catchy number, yet not afraid to drop drop a gear – a feature which works extremely well as re-emphasis of energy. Folky vocal tones blanketing the cool pillars of rock guitars and drums.

Regal Goodbyes captures a transition, moving from the Barenaked Ladies-esque vocal of Tenné, to discover where the Paul Simon comparison arises. Venturing from the earthy into the realms of funky, almost psychedelic pop, and all of a sudden we’re exploring an album rich in diversity.

So by now it’s apparent that we’re dealing with a band who will not be strictly defined by the folk/rock demographic. The album is not an easy one to categorise, but then, who wants that? Blisses B have taken inspiration from a hugely diverse and deep pool, and found a formula to entwine it all into a ball of unique energy, branded by the California sun.

Having touched upon the ‘fun’ element, Epoch kind of sneaks up behind you. It’s rich and deep (almost surprisingly) and without the powerful or funky announcements we may have come to expect.

It unfolds by way of dreamy acoustic strings and layered harmonies which compliment the backdrop of soft yet colourful percussion which is to follow slightly later. And it is perhaps Epoch which best sums up Sea Level Astronomy – organic tones which flow naturally.

Sea Level Astronomy is available from September 30th.

In the meantime, check out this version of Regal Goodbyes.