Beataucue are Alexis and Medence. They were formed in 2009 as a bedroom producing outfit. They garnered attention after releasing a mix called Pon The Floor by Major Lazor from a radio rip. Beataucue have created remixes for artists such as Kylie Minogue and Two Door Cinema Club. They have earned respect from massive acts such as the producer Diplo, who has most recently worked with Madonna on her brand new album Rebel Heart.

They have released five E.Ps in the past, Cha Cha Cha in 2010, Disco Oh! and Falcon Punch in 2011, Slow Down in 2012 and Lyrel in 2013. Terrah is their new E.P released on 30th March off Kitsune Records. France has arguably become the EDM capital of the world boasting acts such as David Guetta, Daft Punk and Justice. Electronic dance music has made it’s way up the Top 40 with or without a name like Rihanna. Dance music has become popular as it is lucrative in the past ten never mind twenty years. Beataucue are in good company.

Terrah opens with a track of the same name. Terrah is hi-energy from the beginning. Synths spiral and spiral, zap and dance around a vocal sample. From the beginning, I felt something a bit retro about this track but definitely something of the moment at the same time. Terrah is the ideal summer anthem, very much made for a club or at a beach party. There’s little else you want from music like this, enough hi-energy and euphoria to start the party. Wonderland doesn’t throw you into the high energy of the previous straight away. The track is definitely a mix of low- energy and ambience. Wonderland lets you dip your feet in before building to a peak again. The build up of this track is it’s charm. Rollerblade builds from space age style synths which are layered with vocals by Simon Milner from the band Is Tropical. Rollerblade is a chilled out and carefree track with echoing samples and would be my pick from the E.P. Terrah is an electronic dance release which finds the balance between hi energy and chill out. It delivers what you want you need from a release like this.

Terrah will be released on March 30th 2015 via Kitsuné.