Those of you familiar with the work of Brooklyn based duo Beacon may wish to prepare yourselves for a rather refreshing change of pace in the shape of upcoming EP L1.

A slight deviation from the more familiar effervescent R&B sound to which we are perhaps accustomed, L1 is more a reflection and euphoric sense of reflection – a comedown after the club, if you will.

This is a superbly well balanced record – one which heralds a new phase in the evolution of a sound which is re-emerging as a hugely significant one.

Now, I’ve done my research, so thinking caps on…. The title L1 refers to the point in space where a satellite can fall in synchronous orbit with the Earth and the Sun, caught between the two gravitational pulls and never falling out of sync. Phew! (See what I mean by well balanced)?

And it is exactly this kind of conceptually ‘out there-ness’ which makes this EP so uniqually Beacon – it’s a logical progression with solid roots and eager branches full of joyful exploration.

Now for the fun part. Opening track Fault Lines kick starts with the kind of captivatingly slow synth drones you may expect given the tones your preconceptions will have you ready for. The hauntingly vulnerable, breathy voice of Thomas Mullarney set before a twitching, pulsating backdrop delivers with a warm and thoughtful charm.

Title track L1 carries the flow – there’s nothing frantic here, more a sprawling landscape of pure soul – it’s ever present.

Minor Structures and Better Love serve as something of an electronic peak, combining beautifully to provide a feeling so vast it’s panoramic, paving the way for the hypnotic Only Us. 

“I wanted to stage intimacy and desire as natural forces” explains Mullarney. As subjective a concept as this sentiment may be, you shall (upon reflection) understand exactly what it is that he means.

L1, the spellbinding latest EP from Beacon is available from December 2nd via Ghostly International.