Glory is the new album from Axes and promises to deliver as much diversity as the band’s cultural backgrounds – Essex, Iran, Scotland and Denmark come together in this action packed four-piece to offer up a stunning mix of genre spanning sounds.

Following on from 2013’s self titled debut album, Glory is set for release on November 3rd and fuses thrash, emo, punk R&B and whatever else you can think of throwing into the mix – The result is somewhat resounding.

Opening track The One is a friendly nudge towards something intriguing and potentially explosive.

Title track Glory is jam-packed with pure and genuine fun! And fun is the running theme, spanning all ten tracks and unloading in sporadic, almost euphoric bursts.


An electric array of influences merge to form a sound which is crisp, pure and in terms of genre, quite possibly undefinable. There’s nothing overly-complicated in terms of listening to this album, in fact, the overriding charm is the simplicity of a delivery which is hugely effective yet bursting with tone and tempo changes – Enough to grab you and hold your full attention. And it gets better as it meanders along. Glory is one of those albums which takes you with it as it makes its merry way through your senses – and that’s a quality!

And so on to lead track Junior. Here we have the epitome of glorious instrumental rock! It’s the essence of Axes – Packed with boisterous energy and amazing guitar riffs, locked on to stunning percussion like a heatseeker.

Axes’ live shows have been described as the epitome of fun, and here we have an album which captures exactly that. Glory is quite simply a celebration of the sheer joy of making music. Uncomplicated, energetic and above all extremely enjoyable.