Avid Dancer is an anagram of David Answer. Sort of. I listened to “I Wanna see You Dance” about 20 times (it’s not the worst song in the world), and kept asking myself “what song is that exactly like?” Monday night was a few hours spent trawling through Blur b sides without getting any warmer. Then on Tuesday morning, Avid Dancer gave David the answer. It sounds like “Ed is Dead” by the Pixies. Except that the chorus lyric “I See Your Body Moving, I Wanna See You Dance” takes much better aim at commercial success that anything Frank Black ever penned. There is already a song with the same title by a woman called Kat del Luna, and her record label is called MASS APPEAL, so” I wanna see you dance” has already established itself as one of the cheesy chat up lines of musical Mammonism, only this time it’s grown up a little, knows a few chords and wears skinny jeans.
The marketing blurb says Avid Dancer is the Dandy Warhols crossed with Hot Chip, but they probably have this algorithm where you double click and it just spits out the names of any two bands that the A&R person writing said blurb wishes they’d signed.

The band is one guy (Jacob Dillon Summers) who grew up in a God-music-only household, meaning he shares the same spawning pool as the likes of Katy Perry and the Kings of Leon. Later in life, he became a “world champion drumline drummer”. Drumline sounds like a number you call and there’s the sound of some guy playing “Moby Dick” on the other end. It is in fact the sort of drumming they do in marching bands. There’s no evidence of Gospel music, hymns, or ratt-tatt-tatt drumming on the debut ep. Avid Dancer’s “I Wanna See You Dance” has Dandy Warhols/Fu Manchu sounding guitar. “Stop Playing With My Heart” is white reggae that would do for the opening scenes of a film where the camera pans round a room full of people halfheartedly tapping their feet and occasionally humming along. The lyrics to “IWSYD” are downright lascivious, and seem to be written from the perspective of a voyeur or peeping Tom. The original was probably “I see your body moving, I wanna sniff your pants” but the record producer said no, no, no, no, nobody will buy that, you need to be more like Kat del Luna with her mass appeal.
“I Wanna See You Dance” is a great name for a song and a nice chorusline. If it does well, this song will be the soundtrack to 2 students necking on the perimeter of every indie disco in 2015. It’s not an original title, lyrics, sound or chord progression, but then indie music hasn’t been original for a long time. Avid a dancer he may be, he has some but not all the moves.