Arthur Beatrice: The idea for the ‘Late’ video first came way back in November last year with an Independent interview Ella had read with Moffy, who plays the female lead, and who had this amazing outlook on remaining true to yourself that we felt echoed much of how we approach everything, so were keen to work with her somehow and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

We’d met the director George Belfield a while ago and thought he’d be the perfect collaborator; he immediately suggested the Isle of Sheppey as the setting. We worked closely together to create a loose narrative that captured the quiet moments of bliss in what can sometimes seem a bleak world, and coloured the film to give it this slightly surreal quality – unnaturally bright flourishes that contrasted with the islands natural colouring.

The band will release ‘Late’ from their acclaimed debut album ‘Working Out’ on 21st April, backed with a beautifully sprawling remix from Wolf Music’s own Medlar.

The band also continue their series of late night re-workings with the release of the Open Assembly edit of recent single, ‘Midland’.

To precede its release, the band will headline Hackney’s Oslo venue on the 8th April.

The band return to the UK in April for the London Oslo headline show, and performances at Live at Leeds, The Great Escape, Field Day, and Festival Number 6.

Arthur Beatrice European Live Dates:
3rd May – Live at Leeds
8th May – The Great Escape, Brighton
10th May – London Calling, Amsterdam
20th May – Les Nuits Botanique, Brussels
7th June – Field Day, London
6th September – Festival Number 6, Portmeirion

Arthur Beatrice are: Orlando Leopard, Ella Girardot, Hamish Barnes and Elliot Barnes.