Ever listen to an album, and you forget everything you listened to within a second of hearing it? That is what listening to Allah-Las’ new album, ‘Worship the Sun’. I tried to enjoy it, but it was just so monotonous to my ear. Their sound just did nothing for me, personally. There was absolutely nothing that I found striking about any of it, other than the first few seconds of their first track when I thought “Oh, this could be interesting!” and then it just wasn’t. At first I thought “Ohhh, 60s, retro sort of sound– that could be awesome!” and it just wasn’t. After the fourteen tracks (including bonus tracks) I was left bored and longing for something else completely. The first two tracks, ‘De Vida Voz’ and ‘Had it All’ had me wanting to dance around my room doing the mashed potato, then after that it all sounded the exact same, in my opinion.
When it comes to a weird fusion of different genres (in this regard, indie and early rock, mostly) I’m all up for it, Allah-Lahs are genuinely on to a winner with the general sound they have going. However the album itself seemed to lack substance. I’ve always enjoyed music that I’d have to think about to “get”, however there was nothing to “get” about this album. It was simply a monotonous drone. The worst thing about listening to the album was that it was very nearly good, it just lacked that one certain something. There were no hooks to get my attention in a committal way. There were interesting ideas going on, but the just weren’t executed well. It was sort of a matter of “Oh,oh! This sounds like it could be good, maybe? Nope. Never mind.” Even when it came to the Instrumental tracks I wasn’t blown away. Surely if you’re going to go through the effort of writing something that’s completely instrumental you’re going to attempt to impress with your skills as a musician.

There’s been a great many times when the instrumental side of things never grabbed my attention; however lyrics have. Sort of like poetry with background music. This was not one of those times. Worship the Sun utterly lacked any lyrics to grab my attention either, other than the attention I gave straining to understand what the lyrics actually were. The vocals are distorted and distant, giving a very retro feel, which at the beginning I enjoyed, however after a while it simply began to annoy me, as the vocals were barely comprehendible quite a few tracks, with few exceptions. I rarely managed to pick up more than two or three words at a time at points. Tracks such as ‘Recurring’ and ‘Nothing to Hide’ were certainly easier to understand, though the diction was terrible. Any lines I managed to pick up easily enough were not impressive at all. To add to that the melodies seemed to be the same thing over and over again, nothing ear catching about it at all.
I hate to be so negative about other artists work, however though my opinion of the piece was mostly negative, I can see people enjoying this. I see no reason to why those who like a very retro feel to their music shouldn’t like this, I can also imagine people who shop in urban outfitters and claim to like bands before they were cool enjoying it too (Yup, I went there!). For me though? Nope. No, thank you. The melodies were boring, the lyrics were nothing special, the song structures were too simple. Unfortunately all I can hope to give ‘Worship the Sun’ is two stars. Sorry guys, better luck next time.