Lyrically, Maryn Jones is just about as frank and forthright as they come. Indeed, upfront lyrics served with an upfront delivery have fast became the calling card of Ohio quartet All Dogs as they release debut full length album Kicking Every Day.

There’s nothing “new” here-the group remain true to their DIY punk roots whilst managing to produce an album so diverse, so fresh, so established yet smacking of bittersweet graduation.

Kicking Every Day is a soul-baring personal trip with a simple formula. Deep enough to captivate with reflective sorrow through tracks such as Black Hole, desperate at times with the hauntingly passionate The Garden and explosively catchy with lead song That Kind of Girl.

At the core of Kicking Every Day is a dogged determination-a rough around the edges drive to build and rebuild. The sound is progressive and so is its message. Rather than the friendly cliche of onward and upward, the record grabs you under the arms and elevates you along with its heavy punk-pop size tens kicking you from behind to assertively send you on your way.

There’s far more here than meets the eye. All Dogs are a blend of four separate influences-there is no “punk” cliche here, the album is simply too diverse and fast paced for any of that- rather it’s a pop album with raw punk pulsing through its veins-after all, home is where the heart is.

We catch refreshing glimpses of soft rock and sprinklings of dreamy indie pop throughout-enough so as not to divert from exactly what is on offer as the album unfolds with flurries of up-beat funk and drum-filled determination. In essence, this record is a showcase of both the writing and vocal talents of Jones-and why not? They do say, after all, if you’ve got it flaunt it, and All dogs have certainly got it.

Kicking Every Day the full length debut from All Dogs is available right now via Salinas Records.