Swedish cellist Linnea Olsson is set to release her debut album “Ah!” on October 29th through Gotterfunk productions.

The opening song, aptly titled “The Ocean” is a beautifully crafted instrumental; vast, mournful and longing, I began to think that the album’s title may have been misplaced. The next three tracks “Ah!”, “Giddy Up” and “Guilt” might not have been as exciting as their names suggest, but Linnea’s vocals give the songs a kooky element and the momentum starts to build as each track progresses.

“All for you” is lively and poppy but still with elements of that signature cello. The mood of the album lowers again with songs “It’s okay” and the bittersweet “Fortune”. Her latest track “Dinosaur” sees the mood soar right up to the peak once again, with Olsson’s bizarre lyrics back intact.

She closes on another cinematic instrumental “Goodbye”, bringing the album full circle. “Ah!” is a rollercoaster of an album that lifts you up as soon as it puts you down. Whether she is inviting you in to her mind with her crazy lyrics or simply wowing you with her cello playing, Olsson is simply magnificent. A pleasantly surprising album, maybe “Ah!” isn’t such a bad title after all.