You Me at Six tonight embark on their largest headliner in Glasgow to date…maybe not the largest crowd as they opened for the might 30 Seconds From Mars but this was their gig. Crowds of teenage fans had been queuing for hours in a freezing cold grey Glasgow day to get close to Josh Franceschi and co. most of them draped in only T shirts and shorts!!!!

The Glasgow show see You Me at Six kick off a UK leg off their European tour to promote their 4th studio album Cavalier Youth, with Glasgow being a favourite of the band and an audience who were clearly up for it this had all the makings of a memorable gig..

You me at Six open with the powerful anthemic To Young To Feel This Old…the opening track from Cavalier Youth and the young audience go nuts with some succumbing to their emotions and being plucked out of their prized front row spot!! Now the floor is bouncing and the pit staff are working full pet … Surprisingly Stay With Me makes an early appearance in the set  ..Francecshi tugging at the heartstrings of his young audience with his powerful emotional filled voice. Cavalier Youth gets a good airing Fresh Start Fever, Room To Breath, the amazing Underdog, Cold Night and finishing the set with Wild Ones …If You Me at Six hadn’t returned for an encore ther would have been murder but they did eventually concluding night one of their two night stint with another anthemic classic Lived a lie..

You Me at Six could do no wrong even if they completely feck’d it up which they didn’t in fact it was an awesome show..

Pix by Westy