When you’ve seen a band as may times as I’ve seen Vigo Thieves you’d probably be forgiven in thinking they cant surprise you any more….WRONG!

Glasgow’s best small venue King Tuts celebrates its 25th birthday this month and to celebrate they have laid on a series of gigs that includes some big Couteeners, The Cribs….. and Scotland’s next mega band Vigo Thieves.

Welsh band The Hearts provided a very strong and impressive opening set that really got the rammed sold out audience up for the main event… Vigo Thieves played an ace when to introduce them on stage they played The Killers – All These Thing I’ve Done that sent the crowd into a “Vigo Daft” frenzy … Opening with ‘Believe’ on a smoke filled stage with strobe lighting, the hairs on the back of my neck were stood on end!! ‘Blood Red’ saw the venue bathed in red light and an excited audience bounces in one great big throng of sweaty bodies. New song ‘The One’ introduced an edgier side of the band, a great song and welcomed by their fans. Vigo Thieves have a set full of anthems and chart toppers so I’m beat why a major label hasn’t snapped them up..

‘Heartbeats’-amazing, ‘Forever’- brilliant, ‘Ghosts’ inspiring but for me my favorite and the oldest song in their set has to be ‘Steal Your Heart’ every time.

A truly stunning gig was delivered to an audience of devoted ‘”Vigo Daft” fans who in these days of disposable manufacture pop stars need a real band to believe in and ‘Vigo Thieves’ have given them that….”Vigo…Vigo”

All photos ©Stuart Westwood Photography 2015 ….Full Gallery HERE