Scotland’s hottest unsigned band Vigo Thieves don’t believe in doing things by halves, just weeks after selling out two nights at the prestigious King Tuts and ramming the Transmission stage at T In The Park Wishaw’s favourite son’s sold out The Arches, Glasgow to play their biggest headlining gig to date. Vigo Thieves don’t play at being a band…they live and breathe their music and #BELEIVE that the hard work and devotion will pay back….looks like that day has come.

The glow sticks were issued and primed as the house lights dropped and Wide Awake was blasted through the PA , the hairs on the back of my neck were on end as the glow stick were filling the darkness and the chant of Vigo Vigo was deafening…Stevie Jukes followed  his band on stage saluted the crowd and exploded into Steal Your Heart…an oldie but a crowd favourite….the place was bouncing…an amazing sight.

The Anthemic Blood Red ….a song about gang fighting in Glasgow see’s the stage bathed in red light and bass player Gino pogo around the stage in true Nicky Wire style. Vigo’s take a gamble with a stripped down version of Heartbeats..a gamble that pays off with the audience singing every word. Stevie Jukes is the front man personified as he gee’s the crowd into a excited stupor and introduces the soon to be new single This Love,  a belter that reintroduces an edge back into their music. The guys wrap up their set with Forever before returning to the stage to play Ghosts and concluding with the brilliant Heartbeats.

Like I said Vigo Thieves do nothing by halves…its all or nothing and this gig had it all!!!!! lighting….sound…fans…music and a the hottest band to emerge from Scotland for ages (and not a beard in sight!!)…don’t miss them when they play down your way which going by the pace of things wont be long.