In mid July Twin Atlantic announced a string of gigs leading up to the release of their 3rd studio album ‘Great Divide’, surprisingly no Glasgow dates on the list so the Edinburgh show tickets were highly prized and like hen’s teeth!!

11th August the venue was The Liquid Room Edinburgh…capacity 800!!! rammed mostly with screaming teenagers some of which had begun queuing form early Monday morning. For a band of Twin Atlantic’s caliber this was a small gig and for their fans to get this up close and personal was very unlikely to happen again and to hammer home that point it had been announced the band had sold out two nights at The Barras in Glasgow later in the year.

Twin Atlantic arrive on stage to a hysterical audience singing along with Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and open with ‘I Am An Animal’ from the new album ‘Great Divide’… the first of 5 songs off the new album to be played in a set of songs mainly compiled of songs taken from the album ‘Free’.

Twin Atlantic could have easily sold out the larger Edinburgh venue ‘The Corn Exchange which really does beg the question why aren’t this band massive? With a major headlining tour on the back of what looks like going to be their breakthrough album already producing a top 20 single, looks like this could be Twin Atlantic’s year and follow in the footsteps of Biffy Clyro and the likes.



I Am An Animal

Actions That Echo


Fall Into The Party


Apocalyptic Renegade

Brothers and Sisters

Ghost of Eddie

Caribbean War Syndrome

What Is Light


Edit Me

Wonder Sleeps Here

Time For You To Stand Up

Crash Land

Yes I Was Drunk

Make A Beast Of Myself

Heart and Soul


Pix © Westy