The Stranglers fans are a diehard lot, every year or two they head out in hordes to see the band on their annual/bi annual tour to hear them play songs they have heard played for years. The Stranglers back catalogue stretches back to the mid 70’s when they got swept up in the punk rock tidal wave and every year or two the band set out on tour to relieve the fans of their hunger to see one of the greatest bands in the world. Tonight The Stranglers conclude the current r ‘March On’ tour in the greatest music city in the world to the most diehard Stranglers fans in the world…Glasgow

New wave stalwarts The Rezillos have been opening for The Stranglers on this tour to rave reviews but they promised tonight would be a special one and special it was, during their cover of River Deep Mountain High four very special backing singers joined then on stage….yes it was The Stranglers …in drag!!! or dressed as rag dolls to be more precise!!! There’s something you don’t see every day.

A marching version of ‘Waltzing Black’ heralds the imminent arrival of the band and now sporting more like their usual black attire The Stranglers take to the stage to a rapturous applause, JJ mumbles something into the make as a massive grin spreads across his face and open with ‘Longships’…. In a set that had something for the hardcore fan and the more commercial fan alike “The Raven’ – ‘Straighten Out’, ‘Get A Grip – ‘The Four Horsemen’ and the rarely seen ‘Baroque Bordello’. This as a set to die for and the band were on fire. Unfortunately no sign of Mr Black tonight but this didn’t detract from a fine performance from a band clearly on form with Baz being particularly excellent with his sneers and menacing glares.

‘Down In The Sewer’ closes the set but of course they weren’t going anywhere as the crowd demanded they return… that famous bass line announces their return with ‘Peaches’ …the bass line that started many a bass players career …including my own. The best cover version ever ‘Walk On By’ see’s the band leave the stage for yet another encore…’Go Buddy Go’ and the best ever live rendition of ‘No More Heroes’ brings possibly their best performance for years to an end…..