Punk Rock wasn’t all doom, gloom and politics it had a lighter side with bands like The Dickies, The Buzzcocks and Edinburgh’s very own The Rezillos….always good fun and never taking themselves seriously. Still touring the band tonight play Edinburgh’s Liquid Room to a packed home crowd and it promised to be a cracker.

Original members Faye Fife (Sheilagh Hynd from Fife!!), Eugene Reynolds (Alan Forbes) and Angel Paterson now with Jim Brady on guitar and Chris Agnew took to the stage in typical flamboyant style Reynolds with his trademark wrap around sunglasses, Fyfe sporting purple tights, pink and yellow boots and her trademark mega earrings….The band open with Destination Venus and set the tone for the night…hot sweaty and jumping. All the favourites were there ‘Somebody’s Going To Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight, Top Of The Pops, I cant Stand My Baby and (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures…. At one point Reynolds having to remove his sunglasses to see the setlist …too dark onstage apparently haha!! There was a excellent cover of Tina Turner’s River Deep.. I’m not going to mention age.. its irrelevant as these guys have the energy of teenagers almost not stop for an hour and a half. An early curfew means a ridiculously early finish of 10 oclock due to the empty tumbleweed disco as Eugene complained with Faye telling him he was just jealous cause he’s old!!

Cant Stand The Rezillos……no way!!! We all love the Rezillos….amazingly brilliant gig.

Pix © Westy