Only Australians would be be able to go on stage in Glasgow dressed as Egyptians and get away with it !! The Red Paintings are a band well known for their unique, confronting and intense themed performances more akin to Andy Warhol’s pop art than traditional rock performances… was Glasgow ready for was about to happen.
The Red Paintings are an orchestral art rock band originally formed in Geelong, Victoria. The band consists of lead vocalist and songwriter Trash McSweeney on guitar, sequencing and samples, with a revolving line-up across the globe. McSweeney drives all the band’s musical and staging concepts. The current touring line up as of 2013 is Alix Kol (violin, vocals); Mitch McLennan (bass), Andy Davis (drums).
A dreich wet Monday night in February is probably not the best time to expect a massive in turnout but about 100 punters made the effort to go along to Audio…a great small venue under the arches in Glasgow and were treated to a an excellent performance.. Opening with Feed The Wolf from the 2010 Album of the same name The Red Paintings in their Egyptian attire certainly got off to a noisy energetic start only to be met with a strange stunned silence …I reckon the crowd were gobsmacked into dumbness. The silence wasn’t to last as by the end of the third or fourth song the crowd were on their side and frontman Trash strikes up a good rapport with the Scottish crowd although I’m sure he hadn’t a clue what they were shouting…The weirdness continues with body canvases being painted on an off the stage and The Red Paintings delivering an excellent set highlights being the brilliant Wasps, Your Not One Of Them and a brave but excellent version of Tears For Fears Mad World.
Costumes and stage malarkey asides The Red Paintings are a damn fine band even if a bit strange, the offstage entertainment just serves to enhance the experience.
A great way to spend a Monday night….get down and check them out.

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