The Manic Street Preachers are everything that was and is good about the 90’s indie music scene, not afraid to evolve whilst managing to maintain their punk roots. The Barrowlands in Glasgow and the Manics are synonymous with the perfect gig so tonight’s show despite being the second within a year was eagerly anticipated and as expected …packed to the vaulted roof of the iconic venue.

Scotland’s own TheTwilight Sad had the unenviable task of opening up tor the Welsh giants but thankfully pulled it off and gave a great performance with lead singer James Graham giving a powerful performance.

For most of the audience The Manic Street Preachers music is the soundtrack of their lives’ and When the open up with La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh) they are transported back to the early 90’s and the overcoats of parenthood and age are thrown off to the sprung floor and for the next 90 mins or amazing sight!

You Stole The Sum From My Heart has James Dean Bradfield pogoing all over the stage and Nicky Wire performing his legendary scissor kicks.. thankfully not in a mini skirt this time. A thunderous Motorcycle Emptiness demonstrates the venues acoustics beauitifully..clear as a bell and very loud. Unashamedly nostalgic The Manics take us back to 1994give a blistering performance of Die In The Summertime after Rewind The Film with credits to Richard Hawley. The lone figure of Bradfield with his acoustic guitar takes centre stage for an acoustic version of From Despair To Where in which he orchestrates the crowd to sing the guitar hook line..then a brilliant performance of This Sullen Welsh Heart, an unexpected highlight of the set.

Bang up to date with the title track of the fore coming album Futurology give us a glimpse of more excellent things to come from the Manic Street Preachers. More crowd favourites…The Masses Against The Classes, the amazing Motown Junk before finishing with A Design For Life….well what else would they finish with.

This gig wasn’t going to be anything other than amazing and amazing it was, the Barrowlands performed brilliantly as did the Manics, another iconic gig for the annals of Glasgow musical history….yes it was that good!

Pix by Westy