Held on Friday 13th of September 2013, in a secret location…interested yet…

To bring an end to one of the best summer’s Ireland has seen in many years, some of Kerry’s finest bands, musicans and DJ’s gathered together for a night of music and craic.

After about 40 minutes travelling, the bus pulled up to what looked like a road leading into a deadend. Once you stepped off the bus you could hear drums echo. Walking down this little pathway you could see a little house/pub and then the stage appeared, the source of the noise was found, it was the African Drumming Group from the local town, which set up the night.

The first band to take the stage was Chapter 2, a 5 piece band from Tralee, Co. Kerry. As a band I had never heard before I was eager to have a listen. Very talented musicians, their female vocalist on was superb on the night, the range in her voice was amazing. From listening to their range in song choices it appeared that their main genre in music is rock, and their fans was doing some serious headbanging during their set.

The second band to take the stage was Comic Book Heroes, these guy’s popularity has grown over the years playing nationwide, and you can see why they are growing more and more popular. On their set list is a variety of songs I have never seen one band do before. Their gigs include songs such as Sweet Home Alabama, 500 Miles, Save Tonight, Titanium, Mr. Brightside, Ho Hey & Dizzie Rascal’s Bonkers. Whether your a lover of rock, pop or indie Comic Book Heroes will cover tracks you love. What’s great about it is their interruption of the music as main example of this is Dizzie Rascal’s Bonkers, it sounds completely bonkers that a rock band would sing this song, but trust me you will be headbanging along before you even know it and then they change up the set and play Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars, which has the crowd clinging to every word of the song!

The final band to take the stage was Oracle, another band from Tralee. A three-piece band who base their music around acoustic instruments. I am sure any instrument these guys put their hands on, they can play. They have combined musical influences such as folk, traditional, rock and country to make their own individual sound. They released an album in 2012, which portrays what talented songwriters they are.

The Jam Sandwich Music Event had everything you would hope for that was put together for a night of music, a group of talented people who all share the love for music.

And I am delighted to an announce it will be held again this year, I just told know the location or date, they love their secrecy!

Make sure check out the Bands Facebook pages for updates on events.

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Check out these videos from live performances on the night!

Comic Book Heroes @ The Jam Sandwich Music Event