When it comes to catchy pop indie music you’ll be hard pressed to find any band better than The Feeling, their music has been used in numerous adverts and trailers and tv programmes so if you don’t think you’ve heard them you more than likely have….lots of times. Two critically acclaimed albums Twelve Stops and Home and Join With Us under their belt The Feeling were riding high and were the darlings of the industry playing all the major venues and festivals but due to the relative commercial failure of the third Together We’re Made The Feeling find themselves playing to considerably smaller venues. The tail end of 2013 saw the release of their forth and studio album The Boy Cried Wolf, self produced and now on a new label The Feeling seem to have found a new vigour for songwriting, an excellent piece of work that hopefully should see a well deserved return to a more commercial success for the band.

Despite being a Tuesday night in Scotland’s capital a pretty decent crowd welcomes The Feeling onto the Liquid Room stage who nervously open the set with Blue Murder…track one from The Boy Cried Wolf, a good opener with the crowd immediately singing along. Usually bands tend to play their biggest hits middle to end of their set …not The Feeling, Fill My Little World is song two and the audience love it!. The lights go out and a single spot light illuminates Dan Gillespie as he treats the fans to a great rendition of Rosie who in turn repay him with their undivided attention.. Anchor from The Boy Cried Wolf demonstrates a return to form for The Feeling, powerful and atmospheric.

The set is compiled mainly from Twelve Stops Home and Boy Cried Wolf and when the opening notes of Sewn are played the crowd applaud loudly with appreciation, The felling then bring the set to a close with another great song from Boy Cried Wolf…Rescue. The Feeling receive the encore with genuine appreciation but rather than play more of their songs they bizarrely play a medley of covers that included Day Tripper and Pinball Wizard…a bit odd that a band of their quality should resort to play cover versions… Love it When You Call receives the loudest applause as would be expected with proceedings brought to a close with I Just Do ..

The Feeling are one of the tightest bands I’ve seen and play a belter of a gig which I really enjoyed it and will get a chance to see them again when they take to the main stage at this years Wickerman Festival…

Pix by Westy