The Dandy Warhols are probably best known for their song Bohemian Like You …the song that sold a million mobile phones for a certain mobile phone company but this band are soo much more than that!! The band who’s name is a play is a play on the pop artist Andy Warhol’s name have 8 studio albums under their belts ranging from ‘Dandy’s Rule Ok’ -1995 to the most recent ‘This Machine’ – 2012 The Dandy Warhols @ The Garage June 2014 10

After a 20-hour delay in Minneapolis airport the band finally manage to reach Glasgow for the first date on their European tour

Draped in their customary low light and smoke the band take to the stage (no support) drummer Brent DeBoer changes into what looks like a pair of carpet slippers and open with ‘Mohammed’ and get off to a trippy atmospheric start…setting the groove for the night. The same laid back groove is continued with ‘Everyone Is Totally Insane’ the crowd are now gently swaying slowly from side to side transfixed with the hypnotic rhythm. ‘We Used to Be Friends’ is met with rapturous applause bringing the crowd out of their trip!!!

Courtney Taylor-Taylor welcomes and greets the audience in his best Scottish accent that he tells us he learned from watching episodes of ‘Still Game’ ….the crowd love this and start to return the chat which brings confused blank looks from Taylor and keyboard player Zia McCabe as they have no idea of what is being said to them.

The Dandy Warhols @ The Garage June 2014 06The Dandy’s play a fairly lengthy set that contains all the favourites ‘Bohemian Like You’, ‘Get Off’, a brilliant version of ‘Every Day Should Be Holiday’ which Courtney sings solo on his guitar and gets the crowd to take over vocal duties, ‘Minnesoter’ and ‘Lou Weed’ obviously minus Mr Reed on vocals. Two new songs are introduced ‘Intensified’ and ‘ All The Girls In London’ which unusually does nothing to dampen the good natured feel of this brilliant night and the crowd keep in the groove…swaying and dancing like a mad demented Top Of The Pops audience from the 70’s.


The set is brought to a close with ‘Pete International Airport’ and ‘Boys Better’…no encore’s here but the crowd are treated to a display of some fine beatboxing from Courtney Taylor-Taylor accompanied by Zia McCabe who also solo gives the crowd a cute rendition of ‘Daisy On My Toe’

Pix © Westy