American singer/songwriter Suzanne Vega famed for songs like Tom’s Diner, and Luka makes a welcome return to Glasgow to play the now international Celtic Connections festival and play songs from her new studio album Tales From The Realm Of The Queen Of Pentacles. Joining her onstage is guitar royalty Gerry Leonard famed is own right as a producer and guitarist working with the likes of David Bowie and Rufus Wainwright.

A virtually empty stage welcomes Suzanne and Gerry onstage, Vega blatantly punting the new album with a poster next to her guitar stand …well why not!!

Greeting the packed polite audience and popping a top hat the American troubadour opens with the popular Marlene On The Wall from her 1985 self titled album Suzanne Vega. Suzanne Vega treats her audience to stripped down versions of her popular hits Luka, Tom’s Diner, In Liverpool and Solitude Standing but for me her new material was outstanding songs such as Jacob And The Angel illustrate was Suzanne Vega is best at…telling stories through music and accompanied by the excellent skills of guitarist Gerry Leonard who’s use of loops and effects complimented the lyrics excellently. Don’t Uncork What You Cant Contain minus the 50 cent sample Candy shop was excellent and finished with Vega commenting on the politeness of the audience for not joining in with the hand claps. Suzanne Vega is a rare talent and interacts with the audience superbly telling anecdotes at the beginning of each song and with her beautiful singing voice this was a thoroughly enjoyable performance…one more guilty pleasure fulfilled.