Politics, Aidrie, Referendum, Poverty, Austerity and War ….just the topics you want to discuss on a night out in Glasgow NOT…unless that is your going to a Stanley Odd gig delivered by the extremely charismatic and articulate Dave (Solareye) Hook , lead vocalist from the brilliant Scottish rap outfit Stanley Odd. Tonight at Glasgow’s Garage/G2 was the last night of their tour to promote the release of their new and critically acclaimed album ‘A Thing Brand New’ a dark lyrical masterpiece that demands you listen to what they have to say.. Stanley Odd are/were champions of Scottish Independence and scored a viral YouTube hit with ‘Son I Voted Yes’ a clever video that narrates the Father to Son explanation of why he voted Yes in the Scottish Independence referendum…very poignant now.

Opening with ‘Get Back In The Basement’ Dave Hook’s broad hard hitting Scottish rap is sweetly offset by the delicious vocals of Veronica Electronica and works amazingly well. ‘To Be This Good Takes Ages’ is a tongue in cheek narrative about the realisms of being in Stanley Odd delivered beautifully by Solareye and a big smile. ’Get Out Of Ma Headspace ‘has the place jumping and the audience joining in with the chorus ..Stanley Odd make no apologies about their dark hard hitting lyrical content that has a pop about almost everything ‘The Walking Dead’ is a scathing attack on the almost canonization of Margaret Thatcher… ‘Knock Knock” a song about the sick warning system the Israelis deliver before bombing the hell out of the Palestine homes. Not to forget the band of course their dark smooth beats are demonstrated beautifully on ‘Monsoon Season’ my favorite of the set.

Stanley Odd return after an encore with Dave sarcastically greeting the audience …of course they hadn’t planned for an encore!!!

What happened next was truly remarkable, as expected ‘Son I Voted Yes’ was going to be the highlight of the gig but when the audience joined in singing every word it was truly remarkable and sent a shiver up my spine…I think they should have finished then and left that moment with everybody….that is not to take anything away from their last song ‘Think Of A Number’ which was great but that moment was incredible.