Stories of Sasquatch, crowd surfing Manta rays, blinding lighting, choking smoke, mental fans, amazing music, limitless energy and general mayhem…..all these thing delivered by a couple of likely lads from Kent and their band ‘Slaves’.

The two piece punk band from Tunbridge Wells in Kent formed in 2012 consists of Laurie Vincent (Guitar/Vocals) and Isaac Holman (Drums/Vocals) They play and energetic form of punk garage which is high infectious combined with Isaac’s highly entertaining lyrical interludes these guys are a band not to be missed.

Support for the evening was provided by the excellent ‘Baby Strange’..a well known Glasgow band who played an excellent set of Clash influenced songs ….1977 all over again only with a younger face!

Slave take to smoke filled stage illuminated with some very bright bak lighting and start their set with the appropriately named “White Knuckle Ride ‘ from their debut album ‘ Sugar Coated Bitter Truth’ A huge smile comes across my face and remains their until the end of the manic angry set!! ‘Feed The Mantaray’ see’s a stage invasion from a giant Manta ray (well what else would you expect!) who proceeds to crowd surf stirring the crowd up into a mental cesspit of sweaty bodies. Holman likes to get a reaction egging to crowd to boo and cheer before bursting into ‘Cheer Up London”

Their first single ‘Where’s Your Car Debbie’ is proceeded by an anecdote about a Sasquatch!!!. To conclude off a brilliant set the guys decide on double crowd surf during ’The Hunter’ finishing with ‘Hey’

For an hour there seemed to be a collective mania taken over the audience as they watched and participated in what has got to be one of the craziest amazing gigs ever….