No matter what you think of John Lydon (formerly known as Mr Rotten) you’ve got to admire his staying power and commitment to his own beliefs using his earnings from the aherm!! butter adverts to reform PiL and record the latest album This Is PiL. The former Sex Pistols frontman and BMI Icon Award winner brings had band PiL to Glasgow and a packed O2 ABC that promises to be a very interesting night indeed.

Fashionably late Lydon takes the stage with his customary bottle of Brandy and spit bin, with his usual charm and wit he welcomes the crowd as the band strike into Deeper Waters from This Is PiL…the prominent bass of Scott Firth fills the hall and shakes the floor interspersed by the spikey guitar of Lu Edmonds (Lu is short for Lunatic)…a brilliant composition. PiL delve back to 1979 with Albatross from Metal Box…an album loathe and loved by many in equal amounts infact the first 45mins of the set is dominated by Metal Box…Pop Tones, Careering lifting the mood with (This Is Not A) Love Song. This Is PiL takes up most of the second half of the set with Reggie Song, Out Of The Woods and One Drop… a brilliant album that is highly recommended their best to date in my opinion. Things are hotting up nicely with the pit crew starting to work for their money as the bodies roll in…PiL finish the set with One Drop again a heavily dub step/reggae influenced song. PiL return after the customary encore with Public Image and things really go radio rental this is followed by an extended Rise before concluding with the wonderfully hypnotic Open Up…the crowd are now heaving like one giant lung that refuses to deflate when PiL thank the amazing crowd and depart.

This was an amazing gig even for a PiL novice like myself, the last time I encountered John Lydon he was fronting The Sex Pistols and telling us how we ‘d been conned!! Tonight we were in the church of Lydon and not Rotten and what a brilliant sermon it was too.